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Cordelia de Castellane: Baby Dior & Dior Home

Cordelia de Castellane: Baby Dior & Dior Home

Okay, let’s face it. Who isn’t obsessed with chic French women?

We all secretly are, unless of course you are one yourself, and then it's just the norm! In my mind, in comes one of the chicest I know, Cordelia de Castellane, the Creative Director of Baby Dior for the past six years and newly appointed Creative Director of Dior Home. 


As a busy mother of four, understanding the needs of children is second nature to Cordelia. She breathes the perfect combination of youthfulness and elegance into everything she designs for Baby Dior and, in some cases, even uses her own childhood Baby Dior clothes as sources of inspiration. 

Now taking on the added responsibility of Creative Director of Dior Home, I am doubly impressed by how Cordelia balances both her professional roles, on top of her personal life! On a recent trip to Paris, I visited her at the Dior office to get a glimpse into the inner workings of her world at the iconic brand.


What I found particularly interesting is how she is using her own creative expertise, combined with the DNA of the house, to bring a new, modern spirit to Dior Home. She goes into the archives to find old patterns created by Mr. Dior himself and then interprets them by personally hand-painting designs that feel close to the originals, yet fresh and uniquely her own.

She is also thinking outside the box and collaborating with specialized artists who also understand the house of Dior. Her first commission is with family member and talented painter Silvita Gallienne, who has designed a beautiful hand painted collection of tableware launching this holiday season.


I asked Cordelia about how she does it all and stays so stylish in the process. A true inspiration for all of us who live life as a juggling act!

Scroll down to read more and shop her look.


1. How long have you been a Creative Director at Dior?
Six years for Baby Dior and eight months for Dior Home

2. How do you juggle the two roles? 
I juggle all day long. Both are my babies and complete each other very well. I’m very global in the way I work.


3. What new projects will you bring to the Dior Home department? How would you like to see this category evolve under your direction?
When I took over this department I already loved it, so I will try to continue in the same way... poetic, inspiring, very French and chic. I hope I can bring a touch of fresh while respecting his DNA. One of my first initives was to ask Silvita Gallienne to design a few plates. They are perfect for Dior and she knows the House so well. My other goal is to open more Dior Home stores.


4. What inspires you and how does that reflect in your work?
Nature a lot, colors and of course the huge heritage of Mr. Dior. Also I'm a colorist person. Travels can help but anything can inspire me at any moment.

5. What are the ages of each of your kids?
Seventeen, fourteen, seven, and a six-year-old.


6. As a mother and wife, how do you balance your professional life and your work life?
I would say that I go to essentials. I don’t give time to things without importance. I focus on my family.

7. How would you describe your personal style?
Very easygoing and simple. I work around a lot of fashion, colors, and fabric so I need to stay natural in my personal aesthetic.


8. Favorite brands and stores?
Dior of course. Les Puces, Galliani for books, and Giambatista Valli for clothes.

10. What brands were you wearing for our photoshoot?
Dior and Giambatista Valli.

11. What’s on your holiday wish list (for yourself!)?
Eres lingerie.

12. What are your plans this holiday season?
I will spend the holidays in Gstaad where I grew up.

Photography by Alina Kolot


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