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Fête Home: The 20

Fête Home: The 20

Consistently inspired by entrepreneurs who think outside the box, forge new paths and take professional risks, I’m thrilled to introduce you to two dynamic ladies, Audrey Margarite and Jennifer Potter, who are doing just that!

With the launch of their new, accessibly priced home decor brand Fête Home, Audrey and Jennifer have identified and are tapping into that “sweet spot” within the home industry, the space where customers want chic ‘objets' without paying astronomical prices or shopping at mass stores. 

As former Bunny Williams Home execs, they have the expertise both creatively and professionally yet also the courage to leave the corporate world and dive into the unknown of building a brand. For this very reason, I asked Audrey and Jennifer to answer my questions for "The 20" and to give us a peek into what inspires them and makes them tick. I have no doubt you will be as inspired as I was when meeting these two fabulous ladies, not to mention fall in love with all things Fête Home!  

1. Where I Am…

We both live on the Upper East Side. But, we’ve recently moved our office to NoMad, and we’re loving exploring that neighborhood. There are some great restaurants and there always seems to be a buzz in Madison Square Park!

2. What I’m Wearing…

We gravitate towards clothes that can be dressed up or down like this lace shirt by Rachel Zoe (on Audrey) and blue and white dress by the fun label, BURU (on Jen).

3. What I’m Up To…

We’ve just launched Fête Home, a line of affordable decorative home accessories and table top made to make entertaining at home EASY!

4. Peek Inside My Bedroom…

We love creating little curated moments, like adding brass objects among books on our shelves. And, you’ll find a pretty box on almost every table in our homes—a bedside table, a coffee table. We love them because they add interest but also hide more unsightly things.

5. Something That Will Surprise You…

We’ve worked together for 10 years, but haven’t always been friends. We came from polar opposite industries—Audrey, architecture and Jen, financial services—which conjured an immediate respect for what each of us didn't know. That respect has been the foundation of our relationship and guides each decision we make for Fête.


6. Personal Style…

Audrey: I love being able to go from day to night. A funky dress with a denim jacket. Dark jeans a sparkly top and blazer. Lose the jackets in both cases and you can float right into evening. 

Jen: Relaxed, slightly preppy...in search of a comfortable heel.

7. Favorite NYC Neighborhood…

Audrey: All of them! That’s what’s amazing about NYC. You can be transported in moments and only travel 20 blocks.

Jen: The Upper West Side, especially over by Riverside Park. It's a little respite from the rest of the city. And, there's beautiful Beaux Arts architecture.

8. Necessary Luxury… 

Audrey: My skin gets so dry, especially in the winter. I love a really rich eye cream. I’m currently using Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.

Jen: La Mer, gradual tan. Love the sun, hate the effects.

9. Sexy is…

Audrey: Relaxed confidence.

Jen: Finding someone who knows you, really knows you.


10. Style Ethos…

Audrey: Lately I’ve been drawn to man-tailored clothing—a great blazer with a pair of jeans, a classic loafer, a crisp button-down shirt.

Jen: It goes entirely by my mood. Today I would gravitate toward a men’s shirt, jeans and high-heeled boots but tomorrow, a wonderfully diaphanous dress will do just fine.

11. Dream Vacation…

Audrey: Italy.

Jen: Africa.

12. New York or Paris…

Audrey: I love Paris, but I’m a New Yorker born and bred.

Jen: New York has my body, Paris has my soul.

13. Favorite Time of Day…

Audrey: Early morning, I feel best when I’ve been productive before most people even wake up.

Jen: Just before the sun sets. Anything can happen.


14. Best Virtue…

Audrey: I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get a little dirty. Being an entrepreneur and start-up life is not always sexy. Some days we’re delivering boxes to our warehouse or ironing tablecloths for a photo shoot. It’s all worth it though!

Jen: Empathy. I try to go into every situation with another person’s point of view in mind. It sounds altruistic but in truth, it often leads to really productive conversation.

15. Biggest Vice…

Audrey: The world’s biggest sweet tooth.

Jen: A very icy martini.

16. In Front of Camera or Behind…

Audrey: In front, with Fete Home, we want our audience to see that we are real people. We started this company because we are working mothers who don’t have a ton of time to fuss with setting a table or a huge budget for flowers. But, we love our homes and want to show that it can be easy and affordable to entertain at home.

Jen: In front, but it has taken time! The amazing thing we’ve realized through Fete Home is that authenticity is valued and respected. Knowing you can actually be yourself makes the shyness melt away… a little bit at least!


17. Artist Muse…

Audrey: Wayne Pate. His subject matter is usually traditional, but there is a fluidity and boldness to his style that I love. And, if you follow him on Instagram, he posts in-progress works and sketches, which are fun to see.

Jen: Patricia Avellan, brilliant Ecuadorian contemporary artist.

18. Advice I Try to Follow…

Audrey: Be kind to everyone. But also know when to stand up for yourself.

Jen: Be kind, be kind, be kind. You never know what joy or suffering is behind another’s eyes. We are all in this together.

19. Favorite Position? 

Audrey: Co-Founder. Starting Fete Home has been equal parts excitement and anxiety. But truly a labor of love.

Jen: Being a Mother who can teach her daughter about being a Co-Founder.

20. Boys, Girls or Both? 

Audrey: Boys. Between my husband, my son and my male cat, I seem to be surrounded!

Jen: Boys, can’t get enough of them…well one at least. :)



As a Fête Home ambassador, I had the pleasure of welcoming Audrey and Jen into my home to help me perfect my holiday table. Shop some of my favorite items from their holiday collection, plus a few of my entertaining must-haves below.

Wishing everyone a great start to the holiday season!
Elisabeth Xx

FÊTE HOME  Open Brass Tulip
MOÊT & CHANDON  Imperial Brute Champagne
FÊTE HOME  Silvered Bowl

Silvered Bowl

FÊTE HOME Silvered Vase

Silvered Vase


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