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High/Low: Luxe Tux

High/Low: Luxe Tux

It's that time of year...school is back in session, Fashion Month is in full swing and, whether we're ready or not, our social calendars are filling up for the fall season...

I was recently invited to an event where the dress code called for "Luxe No Tux." I thought it was a fun way to dress down black tie but at the same time, it got me thinking, what if I want to wear a tux?!


Luckily for us women, the stereotype of actually wearing a tuxedo started to break down as far back as in the 20's when performers such as Gladys Bentley and Josephine Baker broke barriers and rocked this "controversial" look all the way from New York to Paris. In the 30's, Marlene Dietrich pushed the same boundaries by wearing a tux both on and off screen. It was a bold move considering that pants alone were still considered widely unacceptable for women. It wasn't until the mid-60's when Yves Saint Laurent designed "Le Smoking," the chic and feminized tuxedo suit, which after initial uproar, helped pioneer the way for female power suit dressing.  

Helmut Newton,  Woman into Man, Lighting a Cigarette , Vogue, 1979

Helmut Newton, Woman into Man, Lighting a Cigarette, Vogue, 1979

 Helmut Newton for French Vogue, 1975

 Helmut Newton for French Vogue, 1975

In searching for my own interpretation of "Luxe No Tux," I realized that tuxedo dressing for women is everywhere these days, from trendy fast-fashion stores like Zara all the way to high-end brands such as Alexander McQueen and of course, Saint Laurent. I tend to buy more casual items when shopping at stores like Zara but, admittedly, I was thrilled when I found this super cute tuxedo style dress which fit like a glove. 


As a personal rule of thumb, if I am going to wear a trendy brand like Zara, I like to mix it with some fun designer or vintage pieces to add a unique flair or style statement. I say this only because, let's face it: Zara is mass and I don't want to look like every other girl on the street. Here I've mixed my Zara tuxedo dress with vintage Christian Dior earrings which I found at my favorite designer consignment store in Paris, Renaissance 75007, an Hermes "Medor" clutch and Saint Laurent black suede heels. As a woman of a "certain age" (cough, cough) it's important to stay chic but we can still have a bit of fun along the way! 

Scroll down to shop my look and feel free to send comments or questions my way!

Elisabeth Xx

S H O P  T H E  L O O K



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