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Powerful Pretty Things: Paige Novick

Powerful Pretty Things: Paige Novick

Can you imagine getting dressed in the morning and choosing your jewelry based on the healing properties that your inner psyche needs that day? Welcome to the next evolution of jewelry...  

Intuition and insight are second nature to Sorbonne-educated, NYC-based jewelry designer Paige Novick. Launching her namesake brand in 2008, Paige immediately became known for infusing modern design with simplistic elegance.

Even in her early years designing, she intuitively knew exactly what her customers, women like you and me, need in their jewelry box. Paige that told me years ago that ankle bracelets would come back into fashion as they are now and, in my opinion, it is Paige who made palm cuffs and single statement earrings A THING. As a personal and dear friend, it is also Paige who I go to when I need insight about life. Paige has an undeniable sixth sense which, interestingly, has now led her to an innovative new chapter of jewelry design: the marriage of gems and wellness.

Paige’s new collection, Powerful Pretty Things, was conceived after an almost unbelievable story about a lost opal ring that held great sentimental value. Paige looked high and low for her missing ring and finally gave up, feeling frustrated and naked without it. Fast forward a few months to New Year's Eve 2016 when Paige took a sunset meditation class while on vacation in Jamaica. She set her intentions for the upcoming year and, at the top of the list, was her desire to incorporate healing and consciousness into her professional life. She returned to NYC and what did she find immediately upon her return, the opal ring! 

With a deep belief that this ring came back into her life for a reason and feeling a sudden rush of creativity, Paige started delving into the healing properties of gemstones and how each stone can actually bring positive energy into your life, depending on the healing qualities that each stone possesses. Opal, in particular, possesses the qualities of inspiration, transformation and hope, all of which seemed to come directly into Paige’s life the moment she found her ring! 

So, now, the big question is...what healing properties are you looking for in your own life? Taking her newfound inspiration one step further, Paige and her team will be offering her customers “Crystal Prescriptions” to help each person determine which stone they are most attracted to as, according to Paige, “By wearing the gemstones that speak to us, we honor their higher power and, in turn, harness their energy to attract our wants and desires." The Powerful Pretty Things collection includes 15 different gemstones to chose from: amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, emerald, opal, tanzanite, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, pearl, diamond, topaz, sapphire, citrine, ruby and peridot. 

Taking an inspirational and educational visit together to the gemstone hall at the Natural History Museum in NYC, I was fortunate enough to have my own personal “Crystal Prescription” by Paige. I told her that I was immediately drawn to emerald, which is strange because I never wear green and don’t think I own one piece of emerald jewelry. So why? Paige explained that emerald is the stone of love and compassion. Its element is water so it has a calming effect, an interesting counterbalance to my fiery Sagittarius side. She also told me that wearing emeralds encourages one to lead from the heart with trust and openness and that it is a stone of prosperity and abundance. SOLD. DONE. SIGN ME UP! Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want to bring encouraging and empowering energy into their life. I love that it can now be done in a super chic and elegant way through wearing Paige Novick jewelry. The collection is quite literally powerful, pretty AND meaningful, just like the designer herself! 

Shop my favorite pieces below and see the entire collection on Paige’s website, PaigeNovick.com.

*GIVEAWAY* I am pleased to announce that I will be giving one lucky winner a pair of Paige Novick emerald studs from her Pretty Powerful Things collection. To enter:

1. Follow @elisabethjoneshennessy and @paigenovick on Instagram.

2. On this Instagram post, tag friends who bring positive energy into YOUR life! 

3. For three extra entries, comment with your email address. 

The winner will be announced on 8/16/17. Good luck!

Photography by Genevieve Garruppo.


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